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MC Pinty: “This just life, is alright”

Isaac met up with an up-and-coming Peckham-based artist, MC Pinty. Outside a pub in Camberwell over a couple of pints, the pair talked music, influences and Loughborough Junction.

Holistically speaking: Sanpo Disco

Anu talks to Rowan Mason, the founder of the mix series Sanpo Disco. Over the course of a few weeks, they navigate their way through a cosmic time difference and chat about his work, unique influences and plans for the future.

Floating Points in Paris

Anu worked with Stamp The Wax and came up with an illustrated review of Floating Points’ recent live show during RBMA in Paris.

Nachtiville 2015

Anu and Kuba go to Holland for Nachtiville. It’s the first edition of a sister festival to Nachtdigital: a small, few-thousand people event that has been happening in Germany for nearly two decades now.

Radek Cyman: Selling records in Poland

Kuba meets the man behind Cyman Records, one of the biggest record shops in Poland, to talk about how it is to sell music in a country where an average LP costs as much as a day’s work.