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JD Twitch: Politics of the Dance Floor

Ben talks with Optimo’s JD Twitch about promoting good causes on the dance floor, Autonomous Africa and whether electronic music can carry a political stance.

In Defense of Escapism

Is the dance floor still a place to rebel, or have we become too self-centred? Ben discusses the connection between contemporary dance music and politics.

Found Festival 2015

Kicking the summer off in Brockwell Park with The Black Madonna, Palms Trax, Andrés and many more.

Eating with Bell Towers

Anu catches up with Bell Towers over Indian food. They chat about his move from Melbourne to London and how much location actually matters, how to get that work/music balance right and his recent productions.

The End of Subculture

Benjamin tries to connect a generation with no subculture. A look at how radio stations, record labels and parties are now more eclectic and genre-less than ever before.